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Join Lesley George and Shirley Ann Felder along with the Nation of Women being empowered and inspired to share their stories, tools, tips and strategies to UNLOCK YOUR EQUITY in the world and celebrate your WINS!



Rescue H.E.R. (Harness-Empower-Rise) - 8 Week Experience

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The Rescue H.E.R. is a unique course that helps:

  • Melanated resilient women who have achieved financial success but yearns for authentic connections and personal growth

  • Strong women who seek to embrace her uniqueness and individuality while setting personal and professional goals

  • Passionate women on a journey of self discovery to unleash her true power, overcome self-doubt, and navigate life's challenges with resilience

    In 8 Weeks we will help HER gain the tools to move from lack of self-confidence, paralyzed by beliefs, or giving up way too soon so she can embrace her unique strengths, talents, and abilities in order to step boldly and unapologetically into a life filled with impact and influence. It's time you let HER, Harness, Empower and Rise to her next level.


The BRAGG Brunch Experience - Monthly on a Saturday

Click Here Join us for a rejuvenating and inspiring experience, filled with meaningful conversations, fresh perspectives, and genuine connections. Whether you're seeking a dose of inspiration, looking to expand your network, or craving a moment of relaxation, BRAGG Brunch offers the perfect setting to unwind, share stories, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. From thought leaders to creative thinkers, you'll have the opportunity to interact with a diverse community of individuals who value authenticity and personal growth while we all RISE.



Elevation Nation - Voices of Battles

Founder's Day Summit (Annual Celebration)


Surina Jindal "10X Your Presence"

Imagine stepping on stage, delivering your speech with conviction, and watching your audience respond with awe and admiration.

Mosaic Inc.’s featured professor, Surina Jindal, an accomplished actress and producer, will share the secrets to capturing your audience's attention, keeping them engaged, and leaving a lasting impression. You'll discover techniques to overcome your fears and doubts, channel your energy, and project your voice with clarity and purpose. Don't let another opportunity slip by. 10X your Presence today!



Our Featured Professor is Dayna Marie, also known as The Credit Fix Chic™, she is a successful entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and business strategist. With an extensive background in corporate work, she made the bold move to step into entrepreneurship full-time in 2018. Since then, she has been leading her consulting company, Wealth Equity Network, which specializes in helping women-owned businesses secure funding and create legacies.

Dayna Marie holds an MBA in Finance and has several certifications to her name. However, her greatest reward comes from serving women in business and witnessing their triumphs. Through her expertise and guidance, she helps female entrepreneurs achieve their goals, establish financial stability, and build a legacy for themselves and their families.


Mosaic Inc. EmpowerHER Values 4-Week Journey Series

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The secret to living a better life is connecting to the world around you. And one of the best ways to do that is to develop a strong sense of values. Values are the guiding principles in our lives. Without values to guide them, many women can feel lost and uncertain about what they should be striving for in life. This can lead to a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Join Lesley George and Shirley Ann Felder along with the Nation of Women being empowered and inspired to know your values so you can begin living a more meaningful life!


Mosaic Inc. Gorgeous Grandma Glow-Up

Lesley George and Shirley Ann Felder along with the Nation of Women being empowered and inspired shared their stories, tools, tips and strategies on staying fierce, sexy and fabulous as they continue on their journey to more WINS!